Top 10 Benefits of a Strategic Marketing Planning Software –

marketing planning software is a cloud-based program designed to develop your products and services to meet your target market requirements. Strategic marketing planning software can be a mixture of different mechanisms used to formulate a relevant marketing strategy and execute marketing tactics. Utilizing software such as, Asana, Wrike, Adaptive Planning, and Robotic Marketer can … Read more

If Your Brand Lacks Identity, Your Team Lacks Purpose –

brand strategy in place helps you recognize it and focus on your brand promise. A comprehensive marketing strategy can keep you from making decisions that jeopardize your clients’ trust by mismanaging their expectations or breaching commitments. As your company grows, it’s critical to ensure that your entire staff is on board with your brand strategy … Read more

How to Enhance your Marketing Strategy with AI –

Artificial intelligence is a wide-ranging brand of computer science that’s often built with intelligent machines capable of performing complex tasks that usually require human intelligence. Although this type of technology has been along for many years, it only recently become available to use for various tasks. When someone mentions AI to you, the first thing … Read more

How to Choose a Learning Rate Scheduler For Neural Networks –

Researchers generally agree that neural network models are difficult to train. One of the biggest issues is the large number of hyperparameters to specify and optimize. The number of hidden layers, activation functions, optimizers, learning rate, regularization—the list goes on. Tuning these hyperparameters can improve neural network models greatly. For us, as data scientists, building … Read more

What is Marketing Planning Software and How Can it Help Your Business? –

automated. Technology once only reserved for big, capital-intensive companies, has now become more accessible for small to medium businesses.  In particular, marketing planning software is an example of one of these technologies which is being offered at an affordable price point. Marketing planning software is used to easily understand your target market, design targeted marketing … Read more

What Is ModelOps and How Is It Different From MLOps? –

In the past few years, we’ve seen an increase in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions in real-life situations. In big companies, these solutions have to be implemented in hundreds of use cases and it’s difficult to do this manually.  At the enterprise level, the deployment of AI solutions and machine learning models needs to … Read more

Debug and Visualize Your TensorFlow/Keras Model: Hands-on Guide –

Debugging plays a big role in the machine learning development cycle. Generally speaking, debugging is a critical stage in all types of software development—quite often it’s also painful and time-consuming. There’s a way to make it less painful. You can start to implement debugging strategies early, keep testing your components, and this will likely result … Read more