Depth Estimation Models with Fully Convolutional Residual Networks (FCRN) –

Estimating and evaluating the depth of a 2D scene is a difficult computer vision task. First, you need costly equipment to make a depth mapping. Bulky systems like 3D stereoscopic sensors for vision, motion, and light projection, are the most reliable technologies used nowadays, and they depend on external factors that need to be additionally … Read more

Automation and the Marketing Discipline –

How the Marketing Discipline Has Changed  Marketing is no longer limited to traditional approaches, thanks to the internet, social media, advancements in technology, and the world becoming a more connected place. Customers have greater purchasing power than ever before, thanks to virtually endless data online, user evaluations, and a plethora of providers from which to … Read more

Bayesian Neural Networks—Implementing, Training, Inference With the JAX Framework –

Bayesian Neural Networks (BNN) are different from Artificial Neural Networks (NN). The main difference—BNNs can respond “I’m not sure”. Which is interesting, but why would you want a neural network to tell you that it doesn’t know the answer to your question? To show you why it’s important for a network to say “I’m not … Read more

Exploring Clustering Algorithms: Explanation and Use Cases –

Clustering (cluster analysis) is grouping objects based on similarities. Clustering can be used in many areas, including machine learning, computer graphics, pattern recognition, image analysis, information retrieval, bioinformatics, and data compression. Clusters are a tricky concept, which is why there are so many different clustering algorithms. Different cluster models are employed, and for each of … Read more

The Power Of SEO – Robotic Marketer –

instant communication and thousands of GB of data that companies store, analyze, and use to understand the consumer better. The transformation our world has gone through is marvelous, with the future holding ever more optimism. For small businesses, this constant change can often be frustrating as we navigate through the plethora of different methods for how … Read more

MLOps Model Stores: Definition, Functionality, Tools Review –

What is ML (Machine Learning) Model Store? Here’s a scenario you might find yourself in. You’ve gone through a rigorous development workflow, experimenting and training various machine learning models with different results and performance scores. You decide the best way to collaborate is by sharing your models stored in object storage like S3 or GCS … Read more

Be Ready To Fail… –

…without marketing, of course. If you think your business can succeed without marketing, think again. Marketing is necessary for every stage of business operations: attracting new consumers, assisting in purchase evaluation, and keeping customers engaged long-term. Marketing is an invaluable asset used to help achieve business objectives. Creating a marketing strategy is the ultimate way … Read more

Should You Use Jupyter Notebooks in Production? –

In the past couple of years, Notebooks have become a popular tool in fields like data science and machine learning, scientific research, genomics, and more. Jupyter Notebooks have been around for quite some time now. They’re used a lot in machine learning, mainly for experimentation and visualization. However, recently notebooks have been making progress into … Read more

Why Marketing Strategy Is Fundamental To Success –

A marketing strategy is essentially a framework that outlines your company’s long-term direction and marketing objectives – typically leading to an ultimate gain in consumer conversions. It is a comprehensive plan that breaks down the whole process of the customer journey into how to effectively engage the customer at each stage, keeping budget and resources … Read more