How to Structure, Organize, Track and Manage Reinforcement Learning (RL) Projects –

Structuring and managing machine learning projects can be a tricky thing. When you dive into a project, you may quickly realize that you’re drowning in an ocean of Python scripts, data, algorithms, functions, updates, and so on. At some point, you just lose track of your experiments, and can’t even say which script or update … Read more

Best Data Science Tools to Increase Machine Learning Model Understanding –

There is a broad catalog of tools you can use as helping hands to increase your understanding of machine learning models. They come in different categories: Interactive web app tools Data analysis tools Model explainability tools Model debugging tools Model performance debugging tools Experiment tracking tools Production monitoring tools In this article, I’ll briefly tell … Read more

Applications of AI in Drone Technology: Building Machine Learning Models That Work on Drones (With Tensorflow/Keras) –

Welcome back to the second part of Building a Facemask Surveillance System with Drone Technology and Deep Learning. In the first part, we covered an introduction to drone technology, touching the various classification, the architecture of the drone utilized for this project, and setting up the environment for programming the drone with python. If you … Read more

Adversarial Attacks on Neural Networks: Exploring the Fast Gradient Sign Method –

Since their invention, neural networks have always been the crème de la crème of machine learning algorithms. They have driven most of the breakthroughs in artificial intelligence.  Neural networks have proven to be robust at performing highly complex tasks that even humans find very challenging.  Can their incredible robustness extend beyond their original purpose? That’s … Read more

This Week in Machine Learning: Depression Treatment, 2021 Trends, Supernova Explosions, and More –

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