How to Keep Track of Deep Learning Experiments in Notebooks –

Jupyter notebooks are cool. They’re language-independent, great for collaboration, easy to customize, you can add extensions—the list goes on.  Issues begin when you need to track training hyperparameters, metrics, test results, or graphs. That’s when the chaos starts.  Then there are spreadsheets, which can quickly become unmanageable, especially in a team environment where you have … Read more

Plotly Python Tutorial for Machine Learning Specialists –

Plotly’s is an open-source Python graphing library that is great for building beautiful and interactive visualizations. It is an awesome tool for discovering patterns in a dataset before delving into machine learning modeling. In this article, we will look at how to use it in an example-driven way.  Some of the visualizations you can expect … Read more

How To Choose The Best Consulting Firm For Your Technology Company –

services so that they can fulfill your needs efficiently, and at a higher level than competitors. Take Robotic Marketer for example. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology allows us to stay ahead of the curb, and transform information on your company, your business goals and marketing plan into an actionable marketing strategy at a much faster … Read more

3 Tools to Measure Brand Awareness and Why You Should – –

Jeff Bullas Every brand wishes to become famous. Well, every entrepreneur, business owner, and marketer wishes for its brand to become famous. But as you might guess, popularity doesn’t happen overnight. Not for brands. They don’t wake up famous; instead, slowly and steadily, they grow brand awareness. What is brand awareness? Brand awareness defines the extent … Read more

Graph Neural Network and Some of GNN Applications – Everything You Need to Know –

The recent success of neural networks has boosted research on pattern recognition and data mining.  Machine learning tasks, like object detection, machine translation, and speech recognition, have been given new life with end-to-end deep learning paradigms like CNN, RNN, or autoencoders.  Deep Learning is good at capturing hidden patterns of Euclidean data (images, text, videos).  … Read more

How To Know If Your Marketing And Sales Teams Aren’t Aligned – –

Each department has different objectives Marketing departments are typically only focused on marketing qualified leads (MQLs), which is how marketers can measure their performance and success. Unfortunately, this isn’t fair to the sales team. The sales team is judged by its ability to convert leads into customers, which means they need a good set of … Read more

Deep Dive Into Error Analysis and Model Debugging in Machine Learning (and Deep Learning) –

“Winning a Kaggle competition does not prepare you for real-world data science!” I’ve heard that a lot. When I was still a newbie, I wondered “What? I got 99% accuracy on the leaderboard. That’s almost perfect!” But now I understand what they meant.  Getting good accuracy is like winning a coin toss before a match. … Read more