How to Compare Machine Learning Models and Algorithms –

Machine learning has expanded rapidly in the last few years. Instead of simple, one-directional or linear ML pipelines, today data scientists and developers run multiple parallel experiments that can get overwhelming even for large teams. Each experiment is expected to be recorded in an immutable and reproducible format, which results in endless logs with invaluable … Read more

Your Strategic SEO Checklist to Building a High Traffic Website –

1.86 billion websites online, creating a highly engaging, competitive website that generates a lot of traffic is easier said than done. Fortunately for marketers, there are a range of tactics available to help build a search engine optimised website designed to outperform the competition. Here’s your SEO checklist to strategically build an optimised website designed … Read more

DVC Alternatives For Experiment Tracking –

Experiment Tracking is a technique for linking variables to the changes that those variables cause in your data. You can test many different combinations of variables—run multiple experiments with weights assigned to each one and see which are the most effective when aggregated together.  One of the challenges with experiment tracking is choosing the right … Read more

Why Big Data Is So Important To Marketing –

Big data is crucial to the success of any marketing campaign, especially in today’s modern-day. Big data enables precise identification of a target demographic and customers and seeks to understand their behavior in a way never previously quantifiable. Big data in marketing represents the new frontier for marketers, uncovering new consumer needs and market opportunities … Read more

Object Detection with YOLO: Hands-on Tutorial –

Object Detection as a Task in Computer Vision Object detection in action. Source: Supercharge your Computer Vision models with the TensorFlow Object Detection API, Jonathan Huang, Research Scientist and Vivek Rathod, Software Engineer,Google AI Blog We encounter objects every day in our life. Look around, and you’ll find multiple objects surrounding you. As a human being you … Read more

Data Lineage in Machine Learning: Methods and Best Practices –

Data is supposed to be an organization’s most treasured asset. However, it wasn’t this way until recently, so very few people have experience in handling data and leveraging it to create more value. As managers are becoming more data-fluent, many organizations are adopting the practice of tracking data lineage, which has become steady support for … Read more

The Need For A Data-driven Marketing Strategy In 2022 –

Marketing has undergone a significant shift over the last couple of years. Learning more about customer behaviour has become a numbers game rather than subjective personality profiling. Subsequently, marketers are turning to the most direct and reliable source of information for their marketing implementations; consumer data, having identified a data-driven strategy, is now more important … Read more